The Osborn

The Osborn Cocktail by Giancarlo Aversa

One of my most popular cocktails, named after a friend (who is also an amazing musician, Osborne) who fell in love with the cocktail at its inception. It combines the lovely floral and sweet notes of Hendrick’s Gin with fresh pineapple, jalapeño, lime juice and ginger beer. A very refreshing cocktail with a bit of a kick.

Muddle 2 bites of pineapple with a ring of jalapeño (seeds and membrane included)

2oz Hendrick’s Gin

1/2oz fresh lime juice

1/4oz simple syrup

Shake and double strain

Top with ginger beer and a cucumber wheel garnish over ice


Most nights of the week you can find me behind the bar at The Last Word, in Ann Arbor, MI, where I do my best to make your visit enjoyable. This site was created to share my cocktail recipes with people who love to create, consume and chat about drinks.


  • Reply September 5, 2013

    Jack Cassedy

    Exactly how spicy/hot is this drink?

    • Reply September 16, 2013

      Giancarlo Aversa

      Hi Jack,
      The spice really depends on the jalapeño, and how much you use. If you are really sensitive to spicy elements, then you can remove the seeds and membrane. Thanks for visiting the site.

  • Reply September 8, 2013

    Michael David

    The Osbourne is my favorite! Perfect cocktail to serve friends on a hot summer night. I enjoy the smart blend of sweet and sour tastes with a hint of spice. This creation really draws your attention. Refreshing! Well done GC!

    • Reply September 16, 2013

      Giancarlo Aversa

      Thanks for the positive feed back and enthusiasm about the cocktail.

  • Reply October 13, 2013


    The Osborn is, by far, my favorite craft cocktail in the city. I’ve tried to recreate it at home, but it’s just not the same as sitting in the dim light of the Last Word, sipping on this specialty. I definitely won’t stop experimenting, but I’m always looking forward to my next visit to TLW.

    • Reply October 15, 2013

      Giancarlo Aversa

      Hi Maria,
      I’m happy to hear that The Osborn is your favorite. Thanks for visiting the site and thank you for supporting The Last Word and appreciating what we do.

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